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Our History

Right from the start, CVA Silicone differentiated itself with a major patented innovation: a process with variable output to manufacture teats in natural rubber.

In 2009 Nicolas Oternaud, who had been General Manager of CVA Silicone for three years at that time, bought the company from the founders. He subsequently implemented a new strategy focused on core business and technological innovation. This became the company's new DNA.

At the beginning of 2015, CVA Silicone moved its head offices to Zurich, Switzerland, and became known as CVA Technology Pure Silicone Group AG.

CVA Silicone's expansion continues thanks to our ambitious and dynamic strategy. - Our Situation -



Inception of CVA (acronym for Caoutchouc Velay Applications) in Haute-Loire, France, targeting the baby care market thanks to its natural compression technology for manufacturing teats.


Transfer of the company to a new and bigger site 20km away, as a result of its expansion.


CVA Silicone expanded and moved to Locussol in Saint Vidal, just 8 km north of Le Puy-en-Velay.


Industrial diversification, shifting from natural rubber compression to LSR injection molding. CVA pioneered this technology in France.


Set up of an in-house design office and tool workshop. CVA Silicone added a Research and Development department and a specialist team with the objective to become a recognised expert in injection tooling.


Expansion of production and installation of a clean room.


Nicolas OTERNAUD acquires the company. Extension of the facilities. He subsequently implemented a new strategy focused on core business and technological innovation, which became the company's new DNA.


CVA Silicone built a new clean room to meet the increasingly strict demands of the medical market.


Transfer of the headquarters to Zurich, Switzerland. Creation of CVA Technology Pure Silicone Group AG.


Decision on launching company expansion by buying 11.000 m2 of fields and building new workshop tool, new clean room and new production workshop through the end of 2018.


CVA Plastic with its new production facility of 2.000 sqm, worth 1.6 million Euros, was established as a separate brand under the wing of CVA Technology. Furthermore, the capacity of clean room production environment ISO 5 and 7 was increased for three times and the investment also entailed cutting-edge IMM solutions with 100% multi-axes robots, worth 1.9 million Euros.