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CVA Silicone, founded in 1961, is an innovative French company as well as a leader in Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) injection molding technology.

CVA is motivated by the desire to stand out on its market, so has developed its experience to such a point that we have become experts in this field.

CVA Silicone is the French pioneer in liquid silicone rubber injection, having started production in this high-tech niche in the 1980's.

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Health care

For more than 30 years, CVA Silicone has provided its customers with know-how of specific materials and experience of silicone parts used in medicine dispensing systems, by using unique watertight solutions and ingenious industrial processes complying with the most stringent market requirements for liquid silicone rubber.

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Baby Care

CVA Silicone has been a key player in this sector since it invented the variable flow teat in 1961, alongside other patented anti-colic systems.

The company is able to design and manufacture not only complete feeding systems but also accessories to improve mother and baby comfort.

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Our customers, key players in the cosmetics industry have commercialised their latest lipsticks using moulds manufactured by CVA Silicone.

We offer silicone products with characteristics adapted to the most stringent and resistant of formulations, then manufactured using the latest liquid silicone rubber molding techniques in order to guarantee fast project development and optimised production.

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CVA Silicone has made a breakthrough with the transformation of a new ultra transparent liquid silicone rubber (LSR) used to manufacture secondary optics in injected silicone for LED lighting applications.

These silicone resins provide designers with the opportunity to create a range of new parts with complex shapes some that are simply not possible in thermoplastics.

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The products being researched today will become tomorrow's markets and CVA Silicone relishes the challenge of pushing back the borders of research.

Finding solutions to adhere standard silicone to a substrate without mechanical means, injecting very low viscosity silicone for reduced thicknesses, micro-injecting silicone resin for optical applications under clean room conditions...

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