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CVA Technology Pure Silicone Group

We offer a complete manufacturing and service package to our customers.

CVA  Technology Pure Silicone Group AG is a Swiss company based in Lausanne.  Its affiliate CVA Silicone SAS has unique expertise in liquid silicone injection.

CVA  Technology Pure Silicone Group works in close collaboration with its  customers, from the design stages right up to the production stages of  the sub-assembly.

The global and transversal vision of its teams allows CVA Technology Pure Silicone Group to reach a 100% customer project success rate.

CVA Technology Companies

CVA Plastic is a leader in the plastic injection molding industry. CVA Plastic is an innovative French company with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The company offers fully integrated production solutions (from design to manufacturing), rheology control and flow ability expertise, manufacturing components in ISO 7 or 5 or industrial environment.

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