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Advantages of LSR Overmolding

Overmolding with liquid silicone injection means we are able to produce in particular a wider range of colours and styles for aesthetic products.

Even if aesthetically pleasing products are the most appreciated, overmolding isn't merely a question of aspect. Designing a product with liquid silicone rubber (LSR) overmolding can improve the product's safety (against electric shocks or by protecting sharp or delicate zones), optimise its shape and make it easier to use. The variety of textures means that hand held items are more comfortable and easier to hold, giving a more personalised product.

Moreover, silicone overmolding can extend the product's or tool's life span, for example by adding waterproofing or shock and scratch resistant features.

Advantages of LSR overmolding

Another function that stands out from a wide range of advantages is that liquid silicone rubber (LSR) reduces vibrations and noise by absorbing shocks.

For repetitive use instruments, silicone overmolded products are autoclavable. To comply with FDA requirements, several liquid silicone rubber (LSR) formulations are ISO 10993 implantable grade and USP class 6 compliant.

Finally thanks to many years of experience in made to measure liquid silicone rubber (LSR) silicone overmolding, in the in-house development of injection tools, as well as the evolution of our techniques and engineering, and our focus on innovative solutions, CVA Silicone can offer its partners cost optimisations in terms of operations, labour and product assembly while improving the quality, the reliability and the integrity of the final product.

Integrated Silicone & Plastic Injection Overmolding Services

Together with CVA Plastic, we offer integrated innovative full-spectrum silicone and plastic injection overmolding services.