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CVA Technology Continues its Strong Growth
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CVA Technology Continues its Strong Growth

09 JUN, 2020

CVA Technology AG, Switzerland, with its affiliate CVA Silicone, the market leader in silicone injection molding, manufacturing for the world’s leading companies (such as Johnson & Johnson, BBraun, Fresenius, BD, L’Oréal, LVMH, Philips and many more), is proud of its strong company growth that includes a large-scale investment of 3.5 million Euros and 1,500 sqm expansion of its production facility. CVA Technology announces a new stage in its continuous successful evolution with the establishment of its new division, CVA Plastic, which creates a powerful fusion of its first-rate silicone and plastic manufacturing services.

“This plastic molding strategy enables the CVA Technology group to make a complementary and integrated production offer providing several advantage such as CVA Plastic as well as CVA Silicone designs and produces its own tools and solutions aimed at the process of plastic molding and for prototype phases, pre-series and high-speed production. CVA Plastic shares the same Research Office and Tool Production Workshop as CVA Silicone, communicates using the same software and uses the same operational systems and the same standards of excellence in production. This ultimately facilitates making the assembly of the silicon and plastic components more reliable, which complete each other within the devices meeting the demands of the group’s international clients” said Nicolas Oternaud, Chairman of the Board of CVA Technology.

“CVA Plastic has been created at the same site as CVA Silicone through the advantage of an extension of current buildings increasing from 3,500 m2 to 5,000 m2 and which are specifically linked via shared ISO 5 and ISO 7 clean-rooms which are able to accommodate the silicon and plastic molded parts to be assembled seamlessly. The aim is a greater degree of safety for the procedures, particularly at the level of cleanliness by reducing the risks associated with transport, diverse manipulations which are the consequence of the increase of suppliers with different production environments acting successively in the production of the final device.“- continued Guylène Spaziani, Managing Director of CVA Technology.

“The addition of the building block « Plastic Molding » to « Silicon Injection » enables a reduction of the implementation period and of the supply chain and provides responsiveness and an industrial agility confirmed by the demand of the clients of CVA Technology who from now on will entrust their sub-kits or entire solutions to the knowhow of the group’s French factories. This tendency points toward a reduction of risks, but also toward a reduction of the carbon footprint associated with the molded devices and diverse parts, which up until now have been produced at different sites and by different companies.” – conclude Nicolas Oternaud.

Key growth highlights:

  • • the establishment of the division CVA Plastic under the wing of CVA Technology
  • • a 1.6 million Euros investment into CVA Plastic’s new production facility of 1,500 sqm
  • • a 2X increase in the capacity of the cleanroom production environments ISO 5 and 7
  • • a 1.9 million Euros investment into new cutting-edge injection molding machines with 100% multi-axes robots, the two shared sites will have a total capacity of 40 injection molding machines of 80 to 220 tones.
  • • fully-automated production by a complete integration of digital technologies in the manufacturing processes connecting all levels: products, men, equipment and objects
  • • offering a full spectrum of plastic and silicone injection molding services from initial conceptualization through material selection and fully-automated manufacturing to final delivery of the plastic and silicone molds and components