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Evolution of the CVA Group’s graphic identity
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Evolution of the CVA Group’s graphic identity

21 JAN, 2021

Times change. People change. And CVA fits the trend embracing change, constantly growing and evolving – pushing the boundaries of its industry since 1961.

CVA Group began last year a new stage in its development with a large-scale investment of €3.5 m, a 1,500 sqm expansion of its production and clean room facility and the establishing of a new division, CVA Plastic, under the wing of CVA Technology.

The CVA Group, one of the global leaders in Liquid Silicone Injection technology, has positioned itself as a strategic partner alongside its Healthcare and Beauty customers by providing them with high added value solutions in markets with increasingly stringent specifications.

While Group’s values remain firmly rooted in strong human values, collective success, technological challenges and innovation, the Group’s new graphic identity more strongly symbolises these core values and better reflects the Group’s mission.

CVA Technology now sports a red colour echoing the flag of the Swiss Confederation, which has been the home of the Group since 2015. As for CVA Silicone, it retains the yellow colour which represents the symbolic chemistry that silicone embodies thanks to its outstanding properties and features. Finally, CVA Plastic has adopted blue to symbolise the Medical sector which requested the addition of this technological cornerstone to its expertise.

The new CVA logo reflects this commitment to its local areas of both Switzerland with its mountains, symbolising the challenge and daring that inspire the head structure, and the ‘sucs’ mountains of Auvergne that have been worn by time, symbolising a strong commitment to developing cooperation for progress and modernity.

“The combination of these three corporate identities in a charter combining technological audacity and the promotion of the human values of cooperation and partnership are now a representation of our DNA, which is even more ‘biocompatible‘ with the DNA of our clients and with the ethical and technological benchmarks inspiring more natural and free collaboration within the teams” stated Nicolas Oternaud, President and Innovation Director of the Group.

Guylène Spaziani, the Managing Director of the Group added “The graphic evolution of our corporate identity comes at a key moment in the company's existence as we will be celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. The company has undergone significant transformations but the tradition remains, that of local values combined with the technological innovation that fuels our work. This work philosophy aims to support our social mission, through our two core business sectors Healthcare and Beauty, which is the ‘healthy ageing’, a major challenge of our population from now on.